Ninja Digital Notice Board

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Digital notice board

Ninja Digital Notice Board “NDB”:

The digital notice board is an exciting new innovation way to get information to your customers, staffs, visitors, students. Target your audience with the android app developed and attached with DNB: You can choose how to show your information at the right time to the peoples and they can view the information in the Android Television at the office or in the “app” at Home. The versatility of the digital board allows you to upload the information with having just the basic knowledge of the computer “as easy as you upload Status in the Facebook”. Work the way you want and the way you are used to.!

Key Features:
1. Wide variety of multimedia in your display “images, notices, news, audio, video”.
2. The Digital Notice Board supports wide variety of formats “video format, audio format, image format”.
3. User Friendly dashboard with graphical notations.
4. Supports all almost in all the Android TV.
5. Build with the android app “the information you upload can be seen in the app” Works as Information At The Home.
6. Authorized User can manage all the activities and information in the Digital Board System.